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Welcome to Ralf Brüll writing instruments

Since I have founded my company in the year of 2007 I am offering writing instruments in the Bruell-shop.

Initially these were writing instruments bought from various manufacturers.


One year later I had startet to craft my own writing instruments which I produce under the name of Ralf Brüll Writing Instruments to this day.

To arrange an appointment please contact me by phone or email – I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Workshop address

Deuil La Barre Str. 103

60437 Frankfurt Nieder Eschbach

No fixed opening hours, appointments upon prior agreement.

Phone: +49 (0)157 72 544 277


Customer projects
Find out more about my work.
Lumbers, resin, acrylic, horn
First class materials and best quality.
Metal parts, pens
Custom-fit and matched.
Manufacturing of ballpoint pens, fountain pens, roller balls, callligraphy or pencils.



Turnery workshops especially for corporate teams.